Part 5 of the design process

Iteration through design

Using the conclusions of testing to improve the app through more design

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Back to the drawing board

Making adjustments post testing

It is important not to completely discard previous work after some user testing. As the sample size was very small there is no element of certainty in the results. Regardless I made the following changes based on the data collected.

Due to the success of search and the new tabs the importance of tagging is a lot higher, so for this reason I have added the ability to add multiple activity tags and athletes to videos.

With the filter and sort functionality not used, I scaled it back to a simplified default iOS style with less inputs.

As the folder functionality wasn't investigated by the sample users, and instead seemed to confuse I have removed it to simplify the experience.

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Part 6 of the design process: Presentation

The design and prototype are now ready so its time sell it through presentation.