Part 2 of the design process

Research possible solutions

Learning more about the app, its competitors, users and possible solutions

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Research avenues

The app

Understanding the Hudl technique app better by examining the problem in depth and previous attempts at solving it

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Researching rivals and competitors approach to the problem can often be insightful, if only for what not to do

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Designing a solution for the apps users would be impossible before learning more about them and their motivations

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Possible solutions

Before sketching anything, it is worth seeing what similar solutions are already used, not being limited to competitors

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The app

Getting to know it better

Exploring all functionalities and features on the app and testing it to its limits. View video to get a better idea of how it works currently.

Using the app



Is extremely useful if used correctly, the benefits fall down when they are used over zealously however.

Techniques sorting

Seems the most logical way to view your videos, although falls apart when you are a specialist or training solely on one exercise for a long period.


As a novice this functionality didn't seem particularly useful. As a coach with multiple athletes to train the benefit obviously begins to make sense.


Know your enemy

Spending a bit of time analyzing competitors apps and their solutions to the problem is always useful to see if their product fit is any better than ours.



Uses a version similar to the default iOS Photos layout where it pulls in your entire library. A lot more confusing due to the sheer number of photos and videos pulled in.

Slo Pro

No ability to search, sort or filter your videos, although it interestingly default orders by oldest first.

my Dartfish

The best of the bunch, it is possible to group videos, sort alphabetically or by date and search via name.


Learning more about how actuals users use the app

The most important element of research was understanding the users and how they currently use the system. I did this through observing them use the app first hand and by a Typeform questionnaire

View the typeform I sent to 11 users of the app




Who had all already used Hudl technique


iPhone users

9 users had used the iOS app on their phone


iPad users

Or had used the app on their ipad before


Used for weightlifting

The most popular usage for the app in sample

"Reverse the sort order"

Hudl technique user

"Search is a good idea"

Hudl technique user

"Grouping videos by activity type would be good"

Hudl technique user


Average videos made

73% said they made 3 or less videos per week


Tag by activity type

8 said they did or sometimes did


Tag athletes

Only 3 said they tagged athletes


Comment on video

9 said they did or sometimes did


Favorite videos

Or said they sometimes did


Find videos by thumbnail

Scrolling through all videos and looking at image


Find video by date

Scrolling through videos looking for date


Would use search

On a scale of 1-10 all users rated a new search function as being useful (5 or above)

To discover more about the userbase I also contacted an employee to find out more

Whats the split of coaches / athletes that use the app?

"Probably 60/40 Coach to Athlete. Coaches probably use it more extensively feature wise, while Athletes use it mostly to watch video and make highlights. "

Nick Adams form Hudl

What solutions to the problem have been tried before in the past?

In the main Hudl app the activity tracking stuff, at this point, is very limited. It only shows the aggregate of all video watched over the past 24 hrs and past 7 days, along with the time the user last logged in."

Nick Adams form Hudl

Are there any reasons why search hasn't been used before?

"No particular reason beyond that it hasn't been technically implemented yet. "

Nick Adams form Hudl

Users videos are spread out

Users take less than 3 videos on average a week, pointing at small use over long periods. This makes date increasingly important as a definer.

Users would like a search function

Every user stated they would use a search functionality if they could. With 73% and 81% saying they tagged activities or left comments respectively, search should be possible.

Users recognize videos by thumbnail

The most common way of finding old video was by looking at the thumbnail whilst scrolling.

Other possible solutions

Are there any similar systems on the market currently

Not limiting myself to just direct competitors I searched for precedence of successful systems for managing, sorting and filtering large quantities of visual data. Naturally a good place to start was with the iOS guidelines and unrelated apps


iOS video display

Relies solely on thumbnails to distinguish videos, while photos allows the user to zoom out to see images by year, month etc. I still find the system very hard to use to find an old image

Researching search/sort/filter techniques

By reading articles such as this Smashing magazine one on the subject of search, sort and filter I found dynamic search, onscreen sort and filter were good ideals to aim for.

Inspiration from other apps

Looking at apps that specialize in organizing content, such as Sortly was useful due to the unique perspective. Here you can see groups appear above items but on same display.

Up next

Part 3 of the design process: Design

With a better knowledge of the app and users its time to start designing solutions.