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Part 1 of the design process

Understand The problem

Fully comprehending the task at hand is essential to solve it

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The brief

Finding a solution for organizing, filtering, sorting and managing video within the Hudl Technique app.

After downloading and playing with the app myself I could certainly agree that this is a problem. I decided to design for iOS due to the userbase I intended to test it on primarily having iPhones.

The pain points

Managing videos

Once a user has a number of videos in their library, managing those videos could be better.

Finding videos

Finding a specific video is difficult. With a lot of scrolling needed

Grouping videos

There’s no notion of separating videos into groups or teams.


Managing videos

Videos appear in date organised list by default

Finding videos

User can currently view videos by four categories

Grouping videos

Videos are 'grouped' by default in athletes and techniques

Up next

Part 2 of the design process: Research

With the brief fully understood the next step is to research for potential solutions.