Reintroducing Hudl Technique video library

Small changes
maximum results

Repeated patterns, minimal design and a few new features

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Search to your hearts content

New feature to find your videos faster

A simple search bar can make a whole lot of difference. A dynamic search quickly allows you to filter down your videos and instantly recognizes and recommends if you are searching for an athlete name, activity type or even date! The style uses the iOS guideline recommendation and is revealed when the user pulls the content down.

Tab between categories in one tap!

Viewing your videos by group, simplified

Removing the dropdown and replacing with an iOS guidelines recommended Segmented Control which allows users to jump between video categories in one tap instead of two. Displaying the categories constantly also surfaces the different sections in a similar way tab bars are preferred over a hamburger menu.

Order, the way you like it

More options for ordering makes searhing your content lightning fast

Order by most recent, oldest first, last modified, alphabetical and reverse alphabetical, useful for when those videos really start to stack up!

Improved tagging for improving search

Add multiple tags per video

We've realized that not all videos contain one technique, now you can tag by multiple activities and athletes, making it even easier to find your videos.

What users are saying

"It is so much easier with a search functionality"

Nicola Anderton

"Like it, nice, simple and intuitive"

Drew Jackson

"Tagging multiple athletes in one video is great"

Dean McBride

Bonus step...

The future of the project

What I would have done with more time and budget